Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 038: MAJOR UPGRADES!

8. juli. 2020
753 292 Ganger

In this episode, we discover how profitable the beacon business is, strike up a new partnership with BdoubleO, and upgrade to netherite everything!
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Song: Stellar - JJD & AudioBlade
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  • Literally at #00:24 my mouth was left open for a moment😆😮 lol😆😂

    Ambuj ShuklaAmbuj Shukla4 dager siden
  • Video should be named: Upgrades People, Upgrades!

    Bryan BruggemanBryan Bruggeman4 dager siden
  • I laught so hard when i saw grian under ground

    nani mo baboy tsinelasnani mo baboy tsinelas7 dager siden
  • Thanks for showing how to get the armor stand books without commands... the vanilla tweak discord were giving me heck cuz I didnt want to turn cheats on in my world

    Joseph BeneshJoseph Benesh9 dager siden
  • What is hermicaft?

    Andrei CozmaAndrei Cozma10 dager siden
  • "Hey man, I don't like your shop. Let me tear it down and build a new one then give me half your diamonds." What a nice guy 😒

    The FinkieThe Finkie10 dager siden
  • It’s my dream to be in hermit craft

    Lewis Family MinistryLewis Family Ministry11 dager siden
  • Now you can shovel shuffle with a netherite shovel.

    Ed EitelmanEd Eitelman18 dager siden
  • DanTDM should join HermitCraft in season 8

    Dave just DaveDave just Dave20 dager siden
  • How is a beacon only worth 1 diamond block

    Yung KryptonYung Krypton21 dag siden
  • so just give away half of your income...

    Hunter VookHunter Vook21 dag siden
  • can't wait for herm8tcraft

    Ben WarnerBen Warner23 dager siden
  • Any Hermit: I built a shop Bdubs: *Ours*

    Salil MittalSalil Mittal24 dager siden
  • I've already thought of this to myself so many times already but I have to say it again. DAMN, Impulse is like THE ultimate business man of the server. I mean, come on! So many seasons have passed and his shops are always one of THE most popular ones. Not to mension his sweet talking in his discreet persuasions out of trouble and not to mention the sweeeeet deals his been coming up with to rake in the diamonds. He is THE ULTIMATE BUSINESSMAN OF THE SERVER. He knows what services are needed, he can discreetly get people to buy things and not to mention his willingness to give back to keep the hermitcraft economy going. Like what the hell?!?!😂😂😂

    Sophia CapuzSophia Capuz24 dager siden
    • I should also reiterate that Bdubs is ALSO one hell of a business man😂😂😂 DAMN their skills.

      Sophia CapuzSophia Capuz24 dager siden
  • He’s making no profit wth the beacons

    Keenan PlayzKeenan Playz24 dager siden
  • That ancient debris timelapse felt like I was in a movie theatre again!

    Ethan AEthan A24 dager siden
  • That ancient debris timelapse felt like I was in a movie theatre again!

    Ethan AEthan A24 dager siden
  • Iskall bought all the beacons

    WarriorWolf 32WarriorWolf 3224 dager siden
  • Every now and again I catch a little bit of J-shlat in Bdubs idk if it’s just me

    Conor KingConor King24 dager siden
  • why don't you have unbreaking on any of your armor?

    Wesley TannerWesley Tanner24 dager siden
  • did iskall's bedrock job get done?

    8 Bit MEGA-Blade8 Bit MEGA-Blade24 dager siden
  • 1 : 48 you sound like a hit man

    high oisin10high oisin1024 dager siden
  • I’m so excited Impulse my Boomers merch has been shipped yay! (Subscribe to my YT! free promo lol)

    NeonOrangeSuperheroNeonOrangeSuperhero25 dager siden
  • Love the new timelapse

    Dark DudeDark Dude25 dager siden
  • My hubby and I watch your videos all the time, and everyone on Hermitcraft, but i just wanted to tell you-- We love you and Tango, we love that you are kid friendly and you are SO humble and kind. God bless you and Tango! Thank you for keeping me out of my depression and still smiling.

    Nikki BylerNikki Byler25 dager siden
  • no new vids it den 6 days know ??????

    tyler wenzeltyler wenzel25 dager siden
  • Impulse be like: The worst trade in history of the worst trades

    ΑΛΕΞ ΧΥΤΑΣΑΛΕΞ ΧΥΤΑΣ25 dager siden
  • Hi

    Melanie GibsonMelanie Gibson25 dager siden
  • Hola otra persona con una probabilidad del 5% q sepa español y entienda este comentario Solo qero decirte q no fumes porros es malo para el cuerpo :)

    Jean BvJean Bv25 dager siden
  • Personally I preferred the item frame visible but without the border

    Michael TreadgoldMichael Treadgold25 dager siden
  • Hey Impulse, I see you're rocking two blast protection pieces and one fire protection piece of armor w/ your elytra, and you could have a lot better coverage and mitigation from wearing two (general) Protection IV pieces and one specialized protection piece. I got this info from a video by @EagleEye621 where he explains it very well here: noworld.info/video/video/2qy-acqI1a_KuM0.html

    Jamiel AlmeidaJamiel Almeida26 dager siden
  • Yeah, this video was awesome, I loved the nether explosions and the music impulse put with it

    Mizzy CaelumMizzy Caelum26 dager siden
  • I think netherrite ingots crafted statistic would be a better scoreboard to use

    The Dark LlamaThe Dark Llama26 dager siden
  • What is your upload schedule?

    Blsenvoy 123Blsenvoy 12326 dager siden
  • hello impulse i really in love with you're outro music i heard it like a million times if you can tell me where to get it from i will be very thankful

    King of kidding yesKing of kidding yes26 dager siden
  • Hey impulse. For a farm suggestion for your board. You could farm basalt.

    Captaindan 1990Captaindan 199026 dager siden
  • *sneaks in* ooo the editing jumbo can’t do that type of editing...

    Fusion VirusFusion Virus26 dager siden
  • Dantdm needs to be here

    Iris Dontell.Iris Dontell.26 dager siden
  • BDubs went to sleep while they were talking XD

    Potty Ze PorcupinePotty Ze Porcupine27 dager siden
  • Minecraft lover like here

    psb memepsb meme27 dager siden
  • You should build a factory around the concrete machine and the nether tree farm

    ross bondross bond27 dager siden

    LuxyLuxy27 dager siden
  • Everybody go to 22:12 and listen closely... "Im learning"

    Dillon BeckmanDillon Beckman27 dager siden
  • Yes

    FoopFoop27 dager siden
  • Impulse you are way to nice If I we’re u I would not have done that deal

    Arash RobberArash Robber27 dager siden
  • Beds r the cheapes and easiest way to mine for ancient Debris

    D WayD Way27 dager siden
  • Impulse your base makes me think about Grians base in season 6

    Teddy HasleyTeddy Hasley27 dager siden
  • july 12 9 35 pm still waiting💖

    Kurty PogiKurty Pogi27 dager siden
  • You are the best at camera mode

    Raids DriftRaids Drift27 dager siden
  • Impulse: These things are selling like hotcakes. Iskall: *Laughs in beacons*

    JesterCWJesterCW28 dager siden
  • Impulse's Beacon shop : exists Iskall85: I will take your entire stock.

    Potchie Gaming - Clash of ClansPotchie Gaming - Clash of Clans28 dager siden
  • Hey Impulse, heads up . Grian is almost done with his project so dark prismarine sales may go down soon.

    David GallardoDavid Gallardo28 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who sees an owl in Impulse's beacon chest? 🦉

    Craig B.Craig B.28 dager siden
  • I’ve so far found 36 ancient debris in the new update 😃 and that is only strip mining, I can’t wait to use explosions!

    Yambam VidsYambam Vids28 dager siden
  • The mining time lapse reminded me of the seen from lord of the rings with the camera flying through the mine

    numberjuan_24 ttvnumberjuan_24 ttv28 dager siden
  • Hermit: builds a shop Bdubs: our shop

    Axel GenereuxAxel Genereux28 dager siden
  • You should’ve made it 1 diamonds block and 4 diamonds

    First 1 Name 1First 1 Name 128 dager siden
  • i love the beacons out in the open, i'm sad bdubs will take them down :(

    Pewter CityPewter City28 dager siden
  • Impulse cheats Me: u were supposed to fight them not join them

    Katherine WrightKatherine Wright28 dager siden
  • Bdubs just want the diamonds that you have couse his jelus on your diamond so stop him making the build is so nice he is devil

    Xeshh heastXeshh heast28 dager siden